Video Editing

Video editing is essential for any advert, brand promotional video, film or TV programme. Post production is the final stage for any project, a beautifully edited video brings the story you want to tell to life.

We are brave enough here to work with animals, children, high heights, deep seas and even the occasion human! Our client base is wide and varied and we’ve told beautiful stories about mental health, engaging videos around zoo animals and entertaining videos for music stars around the globe. So weather your story is happy, sad, loud, packed with information or just mesmerising to watch we will help you bring it to life in post-production.

The Chase Films: Post Production - London Zoo

Post Production

Our team here at The Chase Films have decades of experience in cutting together emotive, informative, engaging and entertaining edits. We’ve created the perfect environment here in the heart of Manchester city centre to produce high quality video edits. Our relaxed edit suite is at the heart of our offices and, once your project is complete, we’ll invite you in to sit back, pop your feet up, and enjoy the final cut with us.