Colour Grading

Colour grading at The Chase Films unlocks the beauty of any standard video, transforming lifeless visuals into vibrant masterpieces. Think of it as an Instagram filter for your film, we fancy ourselves as the Pablo Picassos of the video production world.

Colour Correction

Our colour correction experts are meticulous in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. With decades of expertise in the film world it’s our passion to create beautiful videos, be that for film, television, corporate or brand promotion. A visually stunning video will help capture the heart of your target audience, it helps bring your story to life and makes your brand message stand out amongst a crowd.

The Chase Films: Color Grading - London Zoo

We are an award winning, BAFTA and Oscar nominated production company with offices in Manchester and London. Call us for a chat and see how we can bring your videos to life with colour grading.